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Hey, whah ... where did the site go? (And what happened to Mr Squirrel?)

Well, it's been a good ten years and 4.5 million or more happy customers* and it's finally time to give the current version of this site an upgrade. It's been a long time coming (partially done for quite a few years in fact) and now we have no other choice but to get on with it as the web server is at its very definite and final end of life. We can't even ask for an extension!

Verily, it's a migration of the existing content to a shiny new web site. It will be phone and iPad friendly, it will be super fast, and ... did we mention shiny?

It's going to take a few weeks so there's going to be a bit of a gap. We'll be back. The old site can still be accessed at the Internet Archive.

Love and kisses,
The Secret Society of Freedom Loving Web Ninjas
20 October 2017

Update 6 November 2017: Database conversion completed. Work continues.

Update 16 Sept 2019: Whoops. Really got to get on to this. Yikes!

*Visitors from Scientology and a few other groups not included as they're not noted for being terribly happy. The squirrel link is just pure plain coincidence. Honest!